Harbaria Eco Tourism Center is the biggest littoral mangrove forest in the world. It’s located in the Khulna Division at Sundarban .This center has been set up under the initiative of Forest Department under Chandpai Range. The distance of this center from Khulna is about 70 kilometers. Golden/ green and red nameplate of eco-tourism center is on the banks of Harbaria canal. A little ahead is the forest office. This Tourism center has a hanging bridge over a small canal. A large pond is in front across the hanging bridge. In the middle of the pond is a resting place with a little house or canopy of Golpata. There are benches to sit around the house. A wooden bridge runs from the edge of the pond to the house. The pond was dug in 1997- 98in the memory of Birshrestho Sipahi Mostafa Kalam under the Forest Department project. The wooden walking path of about one kilometer ends in a deep forest. The canal in front of the Eco Tourism Center is a crocodile sanctuary. Saltwater crocodiles are often seen this center. Crocodiles can be seen in the sun during the winter in the mud char. The best time to see a crocodile is from December to February. Moreover, Deer, Wild Boar, Monkeys, various kinds of Birds and Madantak (one kind of bird) etc can be seen here. The rare Maya Deer of the Sundarbans is seen in this eco- tourist center. The Tigers are also seen here. The Harbaria eco- tourism center is a tiger sanctuary. Fresh tiger footprints are often seen here.

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