Kochikhali is a wildlife sanctuary of the Sundarbans located at the east of the Kotka River in the Sharankhola Range. Kachikhali offers a haven for biodiversity, boasting a rich array of flora and fauna. Mangrove forests surround the area, creating a delicate balance between land and water ecosystems. This spot features dense forests facing the Bay of Bengal. Trails of numerous marine and land creatures are found on the beach.

Boating along the criss-crossing canals, tourists get the opportunity to spot basking crocodiles, deer, lizards, wild boar and many birds. This renowned spot, often referred to as “Tiger Point,” is distinguished by its open fields and mesmerizing landscapes.

Beyond the charismatic presence of the tigersKachikhali stands as a testament to the importance of conservation, inviting visitors to appreciate and protect the delicate ecosystems within the Sundarbans. A visit to this iconic tiger point promises not only a thrilling encounter with nature’s royalty but also a profound connection with the untamed beauty of the Sundarbans.

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