Karamjol, a beautiful tourist attraction of the forest department on 30 hectares of land on the banks of river Pasur, is located just a few miles away from Mongla Sea Port. Karamjol has developed forest department as a model of the Sundarbans. Hundreds of tourists come here every day. Karamjol is one of the most suitable places to visit the Sundarbans tour and the primary idea about Sundarban. The main attractions of this place are deer, crocodiles, monkeys, wooden trails, towers, boats, fisheries fishing scenes. The only center of crocodile breeding in the country is located here. At the beginning of the tourism center, large-sized maps will give a good idea about the Sundarbans. Walking behind the map, in the woods, to the south, the paved wood made walking roads. The street name is the Monkey Trail. The name of this name is found instantly as soon as you get to the trail. Rasas Monkey, one of the Sundarbans residents, will be seen throughout the entire trail. Karmajal is one of the wonderful visiting place in sundarban. To appreciate and to view the most precious species of Bangladesh’s wildlife, thousands of visitors make their way to Karamjol, a ranger station deep in the forest that also serves as a deer-breeding center. Bangladesh has some exquisite wildlife species that are unique to the country, and Karamjol is one of the gateways to the majestic wildlife sanctuary, Sundarban.

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